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The world’s first fully integrated microprocessor controlled limb system.

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The Linx utilizes an integrated system of microprocessors, sensors and actuators for simultaneous control of the foot and knee.
Bi-directional communication coordinates the response to variations in terrain and speed, adjusting for the situational needs of the user.

Key Benefits include:

  • Stop & support/Lock mode
  • Controlled ramp descent with braking effect at the knee & ankle joint
  • Assist mode during ramp ascent
  • Dynamic stair descent
  • Supportive resistance to flexion
  • Integration of Mi2 technology and proximal power source reduces distal weight

Activity level: 3
Size range: 22 to 30
Component weight: 2.6kg (5 lbs 11.7 oz)
Max. user weight: 125kg (275 lbs)
Build height:
475mm to 570mm Standard
684mm with long pylon kit
Heel height: 10mm
Knee flexion: 130°
(component weight shown is for a size 26cm without a footshell)


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