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Plie 3 Microprocessor Controlled Knee




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Buy a Plie 3 and K3 foot and receive $500 off the knee and either half off the list price

of a Kinterra or Maverick Xtreme series foot or $500 off all other K3 feet. 

*Knee and qualifying foot MUST ship together from the supplier. Please choose appropriate ship method from Supplier.

Q4 2019 PROMO FREEDOM INNOVATIONS: Plie 3 Promo valid through December 31, 2019 Receive $500 off Plie 3 knee and half off ...


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Product Overview

Q4 2019 PROMO


valid through December 31, 2019

Receive $500 off Plie 3 knee and half off the list price of Kinterra or Maverick Xtreme feet OR $500 off K3 Freedom Score feet listed below.*

*Hanger Score feet eligible for this promotion: Kinterra, Senator, Agilix, Sierra, Highlander, Dynadapt, Renegade, Renegade LP. Renegade AT, Renegade AT LP

*Knee and qualifying foot must ship together from the supplier. Please choose the appropriate ship method from the supplier.

Stronger. Smarter. Submersible.

Stronger construction makes the new Plié 3 Microprocessor Controlled (MPC) Knee both submersible and more rugged than ever. Yet, it’s still the fastest MPC knee, responding 10 to 20 times more rapidly than other MPC knees. With the most responsive stumble and fall protection, users can instinctively move at their own pace in any direction…even if it’s taking small short steps or pivoting in confined spaces. And with a more streamlined, intuitive set up, the Plié 3 MPC Knee makes it even easier for prosthetists to help patients expand their freedom.

Stronger. The new Plié 3 features more rugged internal components designed to improve durability are tested to our rigorous standards.

  • Interchangeable batteries for on-the-go convenience
  • Improved stance flexion resistance bezel designed for durability
  • Proprietary sensor and load cells with customized settings for advanced stumble recovery

Smarter. Based on the clinical success of the Plié with over six years in the market, the Plié 3 delivers consistent performance. The new intuitive software has specific instructions to guide you through the set up process. The built in Gait and Cadence Analysis can help show variable cadence capability to payors and referral sources.

Submersible. The water resistant coated electronics give people peace of mind when enjoying the outdoors. The Plié 3 can be safely submersed in fresh shallow water for up to 30 minutes at a time.

  • Watertight battery cap, color coded for ease of use
  • IP67 tested coated electronics for occasional submersion in water

Technical Specifications:

  • Knee Flexion Available: Pyramid adapter 125º; Threaded top 117º
  • Build Height: Male pyramid top – 9.25″ (235mm); Threaded top – 8.75″ (223mm)
  • User Weight Limit: 275 lbs (125 kg) moderate activity; 220 lbs (100kg) high activity
  • Product Weight: 2.7 lbs (1,235 g)
  • Battery Life: Greater than 24 hours depending on individual activity and storage practices
  • Water Resistance: IP67, safe for occasional submersion in water for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 3ft (1m)

Kit includes:

  • Plié MPC Knee Battery Charger with Car Adapter
  • Plié MPC Knee Battery Charger (EMEA only)
  • Plié MPC Knee Lithium Ion Battery
  • Plié MPC Knee Wireless USB Adapter
  • Plié MPC Knee Air Pump with Hose Adapter
  • Plié Smooth Hose Adapter for Air Pump
  • Plié MPC Knee Software CD V6
  • Plié 3 Knee Cover - Standard Black 
  • Plié 3 MPC Knee Technical Manual (IFU)
  • Plié 3 MPC Knee Owner Guide
  • Plié 3 MPC Knee Setup Guide


  • Patient Weight Limit: 275lbs
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Supplier URL:
  • Supplier L Code: L5828, L5845, L5848, L5856
  • Score: No

Product Warranty:


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