Modus StepWatch


Modus StepWatch

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Developed and tested for over 15 years, the Modus StepWatch™ system enables you to objectively assess your patients’ progress through data-driven solutions, which may support enhanced levels of care to achieve improved clinical outcomes.

Modus Health’s StepWatch™ activity monitor and Trex™ system were uniquely designed to meet the VA’s highly specific metrics, as well as validation for accuracy and generation of graphical reports that illustrate the required metrics.

The Metrics:

  • Stance and swing time for gait symmetry, dynamic function including alignment, forces, and movements
  • Cadence and cadence variability
  • Step count – continuous recordings of total step count
  • Number of steps per selected time interval
  • Longitudinal, historical and objective analysis
  • Peak performance index, quantifiable into baseline and faster than baseline rate of walking, distance and variable cadence

  • References

    Click here - Clinician Manual
    Click here - Patient Manual
    Click here - Patient Quick Reference Guide
    Click here - Modus Carrier Quick Reference Guide
    Click here - Patient Troubleshooting Guide
    Click here - National Contract Template for Provision of Prosthetic Limbs - Utilization Monitors

    Modus Trex Software

    Click here - to download the Trex Software

    Patient and Facility Kits

    Click here - to view Patient Kit
    Click here - to view Facility Kit

    Modus Video Tutorials

    Click here - to view Trex Clinical Setup video
    Click here - to view O&P Report Tutorial video
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    The world's first fully integrated microprocessor controlled limb system.

    The Linx utilizes an integrated system of microprocessors, sensors and actuators for simultaneous control of the foot and knee.

    Bi-directional communication coordinates the response to variations in terrain and speed, adjusting for the situational needs of the user.

    Key Benefits include:

  • Stop & support/Lock mode
  • Controlled ramp descent with braking effect at the knee & ankle joint
  • Assist mode during ramp ascent
  • Dynamic stair descent
  • Supportive resistance to flexion
  • Integration of Mi2 technology and proximal power source reduces distal weight

  • Click here - Linx Patient Guide

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